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It is essential to present in this establishment a certificate that demonstrates the performance of a diagnostic test of active infection by COVID-19 with a negative result

In the Canary Islands we work intensely every day so that you can visit us with the maximum conditions of safety, hygiene and quality.


To preserve the low epidemiological incidence of the archipelago and guarantee the sustainability of tourist activity, it is essential that all visitors over 6 years of age, who do not come from the Canary Islands, demonstrate through a certificate that they have carried out a diagnostic test for active infection for COVID-19 with a negative result in the last 72 hours and approved by the health authorities.


This certificate is necessary to access this and any other tourist accommodation on the islands.


It can be presented digitally or on paper and it must contain the date and time of the test, the identity of the individual subjected to it, the authorized center responsible for its verification and its nature, as well as the negative result.


Such a certificate will not be required from non-residents who prove - through their travel document - that they have stayed in the territory of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands the 15 days prior to the date of access to this tourist accommodation.


Canarian residents must prove their condition as such and declare under their responsibility the non-abandonment of the Canary Islands in the 15 days prior to arrival at the establishment.


This tourist accommodation will deny access to the person who does not meet the conditions previously described.


Exceptionally, and in the event that you demonstrate your availability to perform a diagnostic test, we will inform you of the nearest authorized center and allow your access and overnight stay the time necessary to obtain the results. Until then, you will not be able to leave your accommodation unit.


It is mandatory to download and keep active during your stay on the islands, as well as the 15 days immediately after your return to your place of origin, the RADAR COVID infection alert mobile application.



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Noches de estrellas con cielo limpio y cristalino

Un lugar ideal para disfrutar de la tranquilidad, el encuentro con la naturaleza con los tuyos en exclusividad.

Un regalo diario cada tarde al atardecer que no olvidaras

Alquiler de coches

En Guagua


  Se encuentra en un entorno rural completamente tranquilo y pacífico. Ubicado en el "Parque Rural Nublo", "Reserva de la Biosfera" y en julio de 2019 declarado por la UNESCO como "Patrimonio de la Humanidad".
  La Casa está ubicada en el municipio de Tejeda, declarado como "uno de los 30 pueblos más bonitos de España".

Desde Las Palmas de GC y con muchas posibilidades horarias:

Bus línea 60 - desde Aeropuerto-Las Palmas de G.C (Estación San Telmo)
Bus línea 303 - Las Palmas de G.C (San Telmo) - San Mateo
Bus línea 305 - San Mateo-Tejeda

Desde Playa del Inglés, con muy pocas posibilidades horarias:

Bus línea 66 Aeropuerto - Faro de Maspalomas (Parada "Playa del Inglés")

Bus línea 18 Faro de Maspalomas  (Parada "Los Arcos") - San Bartolomé de Tirajana-Tejeda