Calculate your reservation and if you wish, reserve instantly

1.- Pincha en el número depersonas a alojarse (al final de esta página)

2.- Seleciona el día de comienzo de tu estancia y pincha en nueva reserva

3.- En esa nueva ventana selecciona día final de tu estancia y podrás ver el precio total.

4.- Si te interesa pincha en "crear reserva"

1.- Click on the number of people to stay (at the bottom of this page)

2.- Select the start day of your stay and click on new reservation

3.- In this new window select the end day of your stay and you will be able to see the total price.

4.- If you are interested, click on "create reservation"

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* You can make the payment by card safely and without having to register with Paypal

* You can make the payment by bank transfer with a discount of one 3% Contact us